7 months in!

Hey there!

I’m writing to you from one of my FAVOURITE coffee/tea spots in Bondi, NSW. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather these past few days and was desperately in need of a fresh lemongrass & ginger tea! mmmmm.

So, as my little blog title suggests, I have now officially been on the road for 7 MONTHS, playing music and having crazy adventures!!! Since my last update, I have traveled all the way back up the east coast from VIC, stopped in to home for some gigs and family time, headed as far north as Cape Tribulation, drove back down the coast for another short family visit AND NOW here I am in Sydney… I’m feeling exhausted just by briefly re-capping, but my adventures have not yet failed to be amazing!

My 5 week stay back home was quite a whirlwind. Time went by a lot quicker than I expected, being filled with many local gigs, catch ups & cook ups with dear friends, conquering music-business-stuff and family time. I soon realised that spending time with my family was something I needed more of- such a precious thing. Following these 5 wonderful and busy weeks traveling through the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, I left home for my new northern adventures.

Swiftly heading up north, I played many a show! Stops included the Sunshine Coast (at Sol Bar– one of my familiar & favourite venues to play!), Hervey Bay, Janet’s Art at Maryborough (cute little bookstore/cafe), Bundaberg, Townsville, Port Douglas, Mossman & Cairns. Here are a few highlights!
Mossman & Port Douglas: After playing many a pub show on the way up north, I braved an overnight drive from Townsville to Mossman in far north QLD to do a bit of market busking. A few months ago, I met a super cool lady and fellow who owned  a lovely little cafe in Tasmania (if you ever get to Launceston, check out Milkbar!). After getting nice and friendly with these guys, I soon found out that a relative of theirs ran and owned an organic produce farm up in North QLD… Oh how excited I was! So, low and behold, my Mossman adventures led me to play at these markets where the farmers were selling their produce! THEN all of THIS uncanniness happened:

  • Received a tour of the Julatten Earth Food farm (on a super cool quad bike due to ankle sprain!)
  • Invited to play at a wicked jam night at Crossroads Cafe in The Daintree
  • Played up a storm with some AMAZING local musos
  • Given a pair of much-needed crutches after a terrible ankle sprain
  • Given a place to crash for a few days in Port Douglas including HOT SHOWERS and cups of TEA
  • Played a gig in Port Douglas, with a surprise crowd of new friends!
  • Discovered a wonderful not-for-profit recording studio!
  • Made some friends who lived in The Daintree
  • Invited to go ‘seed picking’  with Daintree friends for forest rejuvenation (one of them turned out to be the nicest PIRATE you will ever meet. His name was Golly.)
  • Stayed with a friend’s awesome Dad and Partner in the middle of the rainforest… a house with NO walls, NO roof, made from wood, tarps, bric-a-brac, art and LOVE.
  • Hung out with some wild Cassowaries
  • Had a fire on a deserted beach, the evening of full moon

Since my North QLD craziness, I have been trying to recoup in between a bunch of gigs here in Sydney. Turns out, the craziness has caught up with me and my body doesn’t like it. However, Sydney has been wonderful all the same. Adventures with my best friend, live music, friends and AMAZING coffee.

Thanks for hanging in there! These past few months have been filled with a lot of learning. In amongst all the wonderful-ness, I also feel as though a few mistakes have been made, which I’ve had to take on board quite quickly in order to make sure they never happen again. I’ve learned more about the different types of love we as human beings are able to feel, whether they be true or just imagined. I’ve learned that ‘society’ is an invented thing and that the people within it can be so quick to judge harshly. I’ve also learned that doing what I am doing is, although SO rewarding, extremely exhausting. I’m blessed to feel such a love and connection to music- this makes every moment, whether amazing or exhausting, totally worth it.

I look forward to sharing some new adventures with you again soon!

Muchos Love.
C x