Something. Someone.

Emma Gorge / El Questro Wilderness Park / WA.

Emma Gorge / El Questro Wilderness Park / WA.

What is that drives us to be SOMETHING or SOMEONE? Aren’t we already a ‘something’ or a ‘someone’ before we have even left our mother’s womb? What defines this ‘landmark’ as a ‘someone’ in our lives? WHO defines this? Is it ourselves? The media? Family? Friends? Our achievements?

Having lived a life on the road as a touring gypsy/musician for the past 3 years, I feel I can say that I am all too familiar with the emotional roller coaster involving self-pressure, doubt and everything in between. I truly believe my battles with unrealistic expectations have lead to many moments of overwhelming reflection. I don’t get all that much time to stop and process all the somewhat insane things that occur throughout my adventures on the road, but when I do, these moments seem to be flooded with absolute, all-encompassing stress of self-judgement and the unintentional judgement of others. So, WHY do these all-too-brief reflective moments stem from negativity and self-expectation? I believe you either have the gene, or you don’t. I was born with the mad nerd/perfectionist gene, transforming me into a crazy study addict/over-achiever in high school, followed up by an inquisitive but stubborn attitude that drove me to literally jump in my van and DRIVE. Driving myself down a road to be SOMETHING. To feel like SOMEONE.
As the saying goes, we are often our own worst enemy. Living a fast-paced lifestyle, particularly when it involves doing the things you love, I have found to be so incredibly rewarding. However, when I find myself immersed in these small moments of reflection, the overwhelming feelings begin to creep in. Faster and faster. Until, before I know it, I’m welling up with tears for no apparent reason; I’m exhausted, angry, grateful, sad, disappointed… I indeed turn into my own worst enemy, and interestingly enough, my family’s too. A pattern I have noticed over the past few years has involved these emotions breaking through the surface when I step foot into my family home back in QLD. I’m initially full of joy, embracing my family after moons of time apart. But this joy quickly seems to evolve into negative feelings I can’t seem to comprehend at the time. It almost feels like I’ve morphed into a completely different person to that of a few hours prior, when I was cruising the open roads.
That ‘perfectionist’ gene that I mentioned before seems to come into play here. I don’t want to be projecting these negative emotions on to my dear family. I want to be the happy, vibrant traveller most other people see when I’m away from home. Here comes the guilt. Why cant I be the ‘someone’ I long for my family to see? The ‘someone’ everyone else seems to see.
Because, the minute i made the decision to be something or someone, expectation already became my enemy. The balance was lost, when it should have been cultivated. The pure intention was overshadowed by self-doubt, which turned into a mission of self-achievement, rather than living a life WHOLLY for the benefit of others. This mental acknowledgement of selfless living would naturally progress into a long term beneficial life for myself. I’ve often organically experienced this. But it’s when I slip into that state of angst, under the extreme pressure that I create for MYSELF, through the demon that is unrealistic self-expectation, the balance is lost.


Ubud. Bali. Indonesia.

Ubud. Bali. Indonesia.

One day, there may be a feeling that stirs inside of you- even if only miniscule- that questions your right to live. Have you felt it before? Did you react to this feeling? If so, WHY? To doubt yourself and your capabilities throughout this life is a completely natural and normal process to go through as a human being. But that’s just it. We are HUMAN beings. Although I believe we are also spiritual beings, our role within the human body has its limitations. We are not perfect, and in this life as human beings, we will never be. We will make mistakes; we will break other’s hearts; we will fail; we will cry, scream, and laugh… but is hoped, amongst all of these feelings of madness and suffering, that we will remember our right to be alive. It is within this right, that we can own the chance we have been blessed with to make a difference. Although times are constantly changing, and we are constantly stumbling over our feet and others’, the one non-changing variable is our unique existence. Our existence alone holds so much potential. Not necessarily for GREATNESS. Possibily; but that is by no means all there is to a life.

Look out at the sea. What do you see? There is a horizon, which, to the naked eye, symbolises the end of the road (so to speak). But, due to our knowledge as humans, we know that this horizon expands far beyond our eyes’ vision. Is it not the same with our life’s potential? We may stroll, run, breeze, and/or stumble through life THINKING that we’re aware of our potential. Aware of our right to survive and possibly make a small, positive difference in this world. But our ideas of this potential, as human beings, can only reach so far into the imagination. What goes beyond this imagination? And why do so many people throw this away?
For some, the throwing away of their potential is a choice. Maybe laziness, maybe not. But for the unlucky others, the choice to throw away this potential is non-existent. Their potential and beauty may become squandered by that enemy i’ve come into contact with before- he’s called the enemy of ‘unrealistic self-expectation’. There is the possibility that this enemy can take us over completely, depleting our desire to enter into our journey of self-discovery. Making us question our right to be on this planet, when we feel so insignificant, or small. Possibly even like a failure or a waste of space. Have you ever felt this way?
Let us be reminded, that this life was NO accident. There will ALWAYS be enemies like ‘unrealistic self-expecation’ knocking on your window at night, tempting you to give in, looking over your shoulder just waiting for you stumble. However, it is a testimony to your acknowledgement as a human being, that you destroy this enemy. Perhaps kindly turn it away, to show your strength in loving your enemies, regardless of their malice. Life is a gift. Great or small; Long or short; filled with happiness or sadness. Don’t waste it. Don’t turn a blind eye to a challenge in the face of fear. Let fear know that you are afraid, but that you WILL own your right to be alive. It is frightening to imagine a world without YOU. YOU are this world. WE are this world. And without each other, this world would not exist. LIFE would not exist. YOU are ME, and I am YOU. Go on, live life, I dare you…

Synchronicity in this City…

As I write, I feel as if I’m about to attempt to conquer an unconquerable mission. Since my arrival in Western Australia, the universe and I have been enjoying many a giggle with one another as it prods and pokes at my patience levels; at the same time, throwing questionable fortune and love my way. This unconquerable mission is the attempt to try and explain all these almost-unfathomable connections I’ve made with both people and places tied to my home town on the East coast: ie- THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS CRAZILY LARGE COUNTRY. Bear with me if you’d like to read one heck of a story. Here goes…


Slowly making my way from the south-east of WA following van trouble, a $400 fine, and a run in with a friendly park ranger (with some sweet little gigs in between), I finally made it to Perth for my first show, supporting my Sydney buddies, Kallidad, at The Rosemount Hotel.  T’was a super fun show and the first of many subtle reminders that this world is not as big as we think.


Super pumped to check out as much live music as possible, after my show with Kallidad I ducked next door into Bar 459 to find my buddy Kiah playing with one of his band’s! Kiah is not a WA resident. Although from South Australia, Kiah and I first met in VIC where I supported his other band, Conchillia. I last caught him briefly at The Port Fairy Folk Festival back in March playing with The Bearded Gypsy Band who I was about to see play again- but this time, on the other side of the country, in a state far away from home, in the same venue as me AND on the same evening… what?!? At the conclusion of their set, Kiah kindly introduced me to the band members of Canada’s The Bombadils, who supported The Bearded Gyspy Band. I instantly recognised their band name, racking my brain to understand the connection. MARGARET RIVER. I had seen a glimpse of their name plastered on a poster the night I played an open mic at Settler’s Tavern a week or so back. I expressed my longing to land on Canada’s shores to The Bombadil crew, swiftly followed by an invite to join them for some shows WHEN I make it over there! Loving life.


With no desire to remain under the scrutiny of city lights, I excitedly headed to the familiar ground of Fremantle where I spent a little time busking and frolicking about 5 years ago. Following a fun little nostalgic time busking at the Fremantle Markets, I made the most of my time in this lovely mini-city and made a point of chasing more live music. Mojo’s became my home for the next two nights where magic truly happened. Trying to keep this recap, sweet and detailed is quite difficult, so here are some semi-easy-to-follow dot points:

  • Thursday: Upon my catch up with Kiah, he informed me of The Bearded Gypsy Band playing a gig at Mojo’s, alongside local band’s ‘Justin Walsh’ & ‘The Galloping Foxley’s’.
  • Ran into Simon Marks! I booked Simon to play in Halls Gap (VIC) last year during my time in The Grampians. Hugs were exchanged.
  • After muchos boogie-ing, I recognised the mandolin player and his smile from both ‘Justin Walsh’ & ‘The Galloping Foxley’s: Jason Snook.
  • I first met Jason back on the Gold Coast when we played a gig together at my old stomping ground of The Loft, guestimating about 7 years ago. He and Mitch (from The Lamplights) were also living out of their van at the time and made me lemon tea to soothe my sore throat. <3
  • Turns out, Jason is originally from WA and moved back quite some time ago.  Holy moly. Hugs were exchanged.
  • Friday: Marlon Williams at Mojo’s
  • Marlon and I randomly first met in The Grampians last year when I was drinking coffee with Melody Pool. He was playing a wedding with Mick Thomas.
  • Marlon & Melody ended up returning to the Grampians together a few months later for a show at Ararat Live. They stayed in front of the fire at my house (a real one- not my van) afterwards!
  • Here was Marlon about a year later, playing to a packed Mojo’s crowd. Just to reiterate again, on the OTHER SIDE of the country. Hugs were exchanged.
  • I recognised both the guitarist AND bass player in Marlon’s Band (The Yarra Benders). Uh oh.
  • Turns out, the rocking bassist was Mia Dyson’s guitarist (!!!)
  • I reminded Tim (bassist) of our run in at the airport last year when I was touring with Shaun Kirk. He remembered.
  • The guitarist was Dan Parsons.
  • Dan and I first met at least 6 years ago in Brisbane during the venue establishment and mentor programming being run at The Hive. Here he was, standing in front of me on the other side of the country. Hugs were again exchanged.
  • Tour support act for Marlon was the beautiful Julia Jacklin
  • Julia is originally from The Blue Mountains (NSW)
  • Turns out, I supported her boyfriend’s band (Eddie Boyd & The Phatapillars) in Katoomba late last year.
  • She was at the gig. CRAZY.
  • The Friday freak-outs continued, when I literally RAN into my ex-love on the beach.
  • Originally from northern NSW, but falling madly in love in VIC, he was back in WA for work.
  • Knowing we were both in WA, but not planning to meet, we were somehow brought together when he spotted me running on South Beach in Fremantle… at sunset.
  • The next few days in Fremantle brought welcomed closure and happiness to both of our hearts.
  • Saturday night, I ended up playing an insanely beautiful backyard show for a friend of a friend I happened to meet whilst down in Denmark (Katie J White, south WA). Turns out it was at the house of a talented Didgeridoo player my ex-love had met and told me about earlier that week. CONNECTIONS EVERYWHERE.
  • A happy Sunday in Fremantle resulted in us running into a talented street artist called Rene’. I ended up scoring a literal last-minute gig at the ArtGames held at The Newport Hotel that very evening! My MC skills were put to the test also! What a night!
  • Whilst still in Freo, I got word from a dear new friend of mine that Ziggy Alberts was playing a house show in Perth that night. Tickets sold out in 15 minutes. I didn’t get one. But ended up in the audience anyway.
  • Ziggy and I first met back on the Gold Coast in the early stages of my tour in late 2013.  We played a show together at Sol Bar. Hugs were exchanged.
  • Ricky Green was on my ‘ WA musos-to-meet’ list after our exchange of a few emails trying to make a show happen whilst I was touring the west.
  • Thinking our paths wouldn’t cross, I unexpectedly caught Ricky play a show at The Odd Fellow a few nights ago. He was amazing.
  • We’re going to be in Bali at the same time in May. Hugs were exchanged.
  • On the road. Magic. Happens.


Well folks, that’s about the extent of magical Fremantle time I think you can handle. Thanks for hanging in there. Maybe if I blogged more frequently, I wouldn’t have this whole ‘overloading-you’ issue. Although, this stuff all happened within the space of a few days… Thank you world; and to the beautiful people within its space who are making my world so magical. That includes YOU.

Love and Smiles from the road!

xx Candice

The ArtGames. Newport Hotel. Fremantle.

The ArtGames. Newport Hotel. Fremantle.

Sunset at South Beach. Fremantle.

Sunset at South Beach. Fremantle.

Overdue Update Pt. 1

Dear friends,

I know it has been a mighty long time since I’ve written to you… for this, I’m sorry. Life has a funny way of making things a little difficult to prioritise sometimes! Since my last little ramble, I feel like I have lived many lives; that of a prospering musician, a struggling musician, a barista, a gypsy hobo, a friend, a lover, a booking agent, a dreamer in the mountains…

After touring full time for over 12 months, I decided to take hold of a much needed break and change which landed me in the Grampians National Park, VIC. In hindsight, this was one heck of an experience filled with hard work, coffee-making, hiking, paddling, laughter, tears, injuries, music, learning, gardening and big CHANGE; but most of all, the experience itself was in the form of finding an unexpected home in this beautiful place. My home was still my van, parked in a dear friend’s driveway for quite some time, until I found the courage to put myself under an actual roof again. My home later transformed into a comfortable, little cottage with a fireplace, bringing me much needed warmth in the Winter; 3 beautiful housemates who grew to be my family; a hot shower!; bushland as far as the eye could see; magical wildlife; and in amongst all of this, the wonderful friends I came to love who truly brought definition to the word ‘home’. I spent almost a year of my life living as part of the Halls Gap community. When my time came to move on from this place, I knew it wasn’t really ‘goodbye’- just see you later, alligator! This was only a few months ago, with an anticipated visit on the cards very shortly!

Alas, that quick story in a nutshell brings us to the current day; where as I write this, I am sitting in the cool of the Geelong Library following a lovely morning spent by the ocean (a local introduced me to a gem of a camping spot called ‘Point Impossible’!). I am on way to Melbourne where I’ll be playing a first-time set at The Blender Ln Artists Market this evening with the hopes of selling a few copies of my brand new debut EP- ‘Live In Bruthen’! Bruthen is a teeny-tiny little town in East Gippsland, VIC, set by the calming Tambo River. This is where I recorded my record, and boy do I have a giant love for the place! Please check out Part 2 of this blog in a couple of days for a bit of history as to how I ended up all the way out there for the making of my EP! It sure is a lovely story.

Well, there’s a super quick update for you all. Now, I must be off! But before I go, I’d like to say a giant thank you to all of you dear people who have continued to show an abundance of support and encouragement throughout this crazy journey of mine! It seems my life will never be ‘normal’ as long as I have a passion for travel, music and adventure. Sometimes, it’s not easy, but knowing my cause is not a lost one really makes my heart happy. So again, THANK YOU. If you haven’t yet, please do check out my debut EP here and share around if you wish!

PART 2 coming 24/01/14.

x Candice.

My 'normal-person job' @ Livefast Cafe, Halls Gap.

My ‘normal-person job’ @ Livefast Cafe, Halls Gap.

Lake Fyans.

Lake Fyans.

Boroka Lookout, The Grampians.

Boroka Lookout, The Grampians.

My home.

My home.

7 months in!

Hey there!

I’m writing to you from one of my FAVOURITE coffee/tea spots in Bondi, NSW. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather these past few days and was desperately in need of a fresh lemongrass & ginger tea! mmmmm.

So, as my little blog title suggests, I have now officially been on the road for 7 MONTHS, playing music and having crazy adventures!!! Since my last update, I have traveled all the way back up the east coast from VIC, stopped in to home for some gigs and family time, headed as far north as Cape Tribulation, drove back down the coast for another short family visit AND NOW here I am in Sydney… I’m feeling exhausted just by briefly re-capping, but my adventures have not yet failed to be amazing!

My 5 week stay back home was quite a whirlwind. Time went by a lot quicker than I expected, being filled with many local gigs, catch ups & cook ups with dear friends, conquering music-business-stuff and family time. I soon realised that spending time with my family was something I needed more of- such a precious thing. Following these 5 wonderful and busy weeks traveling through the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, I left home for my new northern adventures.

Swiftly heading up north, I played many a show! Stops included the Sunshine Coast (at Sol Bar– one of my familiar & favourite venues to play!), Hervey Bay, Janet’s Art at Maryborough (cute little bookstore/cafe), Bundaberg, Townsville, Port Douglas, Mossman & Cairns. Here are a few highlights!
Mossman & Port Douglas: After playing many a pub show on the way up north, I braved an overnight drive from Townsville to Mossman in far north QLD to do a bit of market busking. A few months ago, I met a super cool lady and fellow who owned  a lovely little cafe in Tasmania (if you ever get to Launceston, check out Milkbar!). After getting nice and friendly with these guys, I soon found out that a relative of theirs ran and owned an organic produce farm up in North QLD… Oh how excited I was! So, low and behold, my Mossman adventures led me to play at these markets where the farmers were selling their produce! THEN all of THIS uncanniness happened:

  • Received a tour of the Julatten Earth Food farm (on a super cool quad bike due to ankle sprain!)
  • Invited to play at a wicked jam night at Crossroads Cafe in The Daintree
  • Played up a storm with some AMAZING local musos
  • Given a pair of much-needed crutches after a terrible ankle sprain
  • Given a place to crash for a few days in Port Douglas including HOT SHOWERS and cups of TEA
  • Played a gig in Port Douglas, with a surprise crowd of new friends!
  • Discovered a wonderful not-for-profit recording studio!
  • Made some friends who lived in The Daintree
  • Invited to go ‘seed picking’  with Daintree friends for forest rejuvenation (one of them turned out to be the nicest PIRATE you will ever meet. His name was Golly.)
  • Stayed with a friend’s awesome Dad and Partner in the middle of the rainforest… a house with NO walls, NO roof, made from wood, tarps, bric-a-brac, art and LOVE.
  • Hung out with some wild Cassowaries
  • Had a fire on a deserted beach, the evening of full moon

Since my North QLD craziness, I have been trying to recoup in between a bunch of gigs here in Sydney. Turns out, the craziness has caught up with me and my body doesn’t like it. However, Sydney has been wonderful all the same. Adventures with my best friend, live music, friends and AMAZING coffee.

Thanks for hanging in there! These past few months have been filled with a lot of learning. In amongst all the wonderful-ness, I also feel as though a few mistakes have been made, which I’ve had to take on board quite quickly in order to make sure they never happen again. I’ve learned more about the different types of love we as human beings are able to feel, whether they be true or just imagined. I’ve learned that ‘society’ is an invented thing and that the people within it can be so quick to judge harshly. I’ve also learned that doing what I am doing is, although SO rewarding, extremely exhausting. I’m blessed to feel such a love and connection to music- this makes every moment, whether amazing or exhausting, totally worth it.

I look forward to sharing some new adventures with you again soon!

Muchos Love.
C x

Super Tour Update

Hello friends!

I know, I’m such a terrible blogger… But in my defence, it is soooooo hard to do these sorts of things whilst being on the road without a computer! waaaahhh. Nonetheless, I am typing you all a massively overdue update now, which hopefully your little eyeballs are reading with much anticipation 😉

It has been 4 months since I left home to begin this solo music-playing, soul-feeding journey of mine! Can you believe it?! I cannot. Last time I wrote you, I believe it was Christmas and just the beginning of my journey. These last few months have flown by, with oodles of gigs in many places I had not visited before, but also some familiar ones too. I’ve visited Melbournetown quite a few times, up to Sydney, Canberra, the east coast (sooooo beautiful) and Tasmania for the first time ever. Here’s a quick briefing of a few experiences.

Unexpectedly awesome! I played a little intimate gig in the small town of Lyneham, supported by some local boys who call themselves ‘Lavers’. The venue was The Front Gallery & Cafe and it was oh so lovely. Good coffee (I’ve become addicted!) and great people. The owner took me under his wing, fed me some delicious food and allowed me to bond with his cute dog. I had a grand time.

Interesting. I found myself floating around Bondi for quite a few days. This was quite unexpected, as it is an assumed tourist town, accompanied by partying etc etc.. But my exploring side got the best of me and proved, that with a little time invested, any town can hold hidden beauties! I played a few gigs around town; received a ridiculous parking fine; undertook some desperate busking to assist with the payment of this; became involved in a campaign against the construction of a Woolworths/Coles; was incredibly inspired and musically driven to write some new material; and met my best friend.
I played some more gigs around Sydney also. I was lucky enough to support an instrumental Scottish Band called ‘Modhan’ at The Gaelic in Surry Hills. A couple of the band members are my long lost relatives (same last name!).

Home. I spent a lot of my younger years in a little country town called Healesville. Each visit to Melbourne has drawn me back to this amazing place. I’ve made new friends, who are definitely keepers and have been thankfully exposed to the ever existent live music scene present there! I also spent quite a few of my days in St. Kilda- the home of amazing food. Oh man! I swear I spent more time shovelling food in my face then playing guitar! The Espy won my heart with its great sound and lovely people. I was so blessed to play a few gigs there in amongst my travels. I’ll miss it dearly.

South-East Coast:
Stunning! The south-east coast of Australia is truly beautiful. As a girl that adores the ocean, it was absolute heaven. I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel through such picturesque locations, sharing my music with the locals and making so many new friends! Tyres Beach, near Lakes Entrance, was a definite gig highlight. I played to a great crowd, was served amazinggggg food and spent the remainder of my evening playing tunes in front of a cosy fireplace whilst chatting to some awesome locals. Did I mention I was treated to 2 HOT SHOWERS in under 24 hours?! I felt like a queen. I’m slowly headed back up the east coast at the moment and am so excited for the gis to come. Tomorrow, I’m playing at The Moruya Markets, located on the luscious green banks of the Moruya River. I’m pretty sure I’ll also be eating the best pizza you will EVER taste. Win.

New. Heading to this part of Australia was definitely a nerve-racking expereince for me. Boarding a gigantic Titanic-like boat at night time has never made it onto my bucket list. There is no questioning why… The boatride was rather unpleasent. I will leave the rest of that statement up to your imagination. Once I arrived in Tasmania, however, I was truly breathtaken. It was so refreshing to see how undeveloped this part of the world was. It’s basically just a giant mountain. I forced myself into a quick recovery from the boat trip and made my way over to Cradle Mountain. I endured the icey-cold air and rain through a 2 hour hike. A wombat sighting made every second count! This hike was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced, with my end destination leading to Crater Lake (google it!). In amongst my other destinations were Hobart (gig at The Republic Bar where I was also lucky enough to see blues artist, Shaun Kirk!); Sheffield (stunning!); Deloraine; St. Helens; and my final surreal camping spot called Policeman’s Point.
I was nearly stuck in Tassi for 3 weeks, but that’s a story for another time. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I got to run through a giant hedge maze!

If you have made it this far through my travel rant, I am very impressed and thank you dearly. This is only a snippett of the overwhelmingly awesome adventures I have had. I promise I’ll give more regular updates to spare you the pain! Thank you to each and every new appreciator of my music. I can’t wait to play for you all again soon. Thank you to all those who have been a constant support of myself, my music and this solo journey of mine. It means the world to me. I’m working super hard to make sure that it doesn’t have to end any time soon.

Stay tuned and please keep sharing my music!
If you’d like to see some photos of my adventures, click here

Candice xx

Season to Love.

Hello there.
What better day to update you all on my adventures over this last week, than on the very first minute of Christmas Day?!
I know ‘they’ all call this time of year many things… the silly season, the season to be jolly, the season for depression etc. etc. But I like to call it, The Season to Love. Not The Season OF Love, because for many souls, love is rather hard to come by at this time of year- so I believe it’s up to each and every individual to share a little bit of their own love, even with a stranger.

I better tie this big ramble back to my Single Launch travels!! Well, on Saturday I found myself reluctantly driving back home to the Gold Coast after spending the most magical 5 days in Maleny and its surrounds. For those of you who don’t know, Maleny is located in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, not too far from the Glasshouse Mountains. It is absolutely stunning and would be a place that I could quite easily call home. I played a few shows whilst in Maleny, followed by a gig at Sol Bar in Maroochydore on Friday night (so awesome!!). The music scene is pretty alive in little old Maleny, however, not quite what I expected- but this is a story for another time.

I wanted to share this with you all today, because as a stranger to this place on arrival, after what seemed like mere minutes, this ‘outsider’ feeling quickly disappeared. I think when you are aware of the capacity of love you are able to hold in your heart for people (in general), it makes life a little easier when it comes to ‘settling in’. Whether it be settling in to a new home, a new school, a new neighbourhood. Like-minded people attract, and in this case, mine and these other people’s minds were focused on just embracing the simplicity, yet complete effectiveness, of just ‘sharing the love’. I quickly made dear friends in this small town, who, in an incredibly short space of time, warmed my heart, shared experiences and taught me many new and inspiring things.

This post hasn’t exactly turned out how I expected it to… I thought I’d be going in to massive details about my waterfall jumping, crazy-long hiking, cockroach-infested adventures. BUT, I guess I’ll leave all that up to your wonderful imagination. In a nutshell, my first week of the ‘Whispers’ single launch tour was the best start to a new and exciting chapter in my gypsy life. I’ve spent the last couple of days being a mad woman around my family whilst I get the rest of my little van/home organised and packed. Tomorrow, following a scrumptious Christmas breakfast, I will hit the road again to begin my work at Falls Festival in Lorne, VIC. Oh, I cannot wait!

Merry Christmas, friends. Thank you for all your support and love this year. Watch this space every week for cool updates on my adventures!

xx Candice.

Maleny 18/12/12

Sol Bar 21/12/12

Single Launch!

Oh my…
My debut single ‘Whispers’ is now officially available for physical purchase! YAY!!! Digital purchase on iTunes etc. will be available VERY soon, so please keep your eyeballs peeled.

All week I have been feeling the most overwhelming gratitude toward every single person who made an appearance at my ‘Whispers’ Single Launch last Friday. To those who couldn’t make it, my heart is still filled with thanks for the constant support you have all shown me. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for believing in MUSIC. Gov’s Espresso was simply the perfect venue, my dear friends Karl williams and Teagen Keith were the perfect support acts, and to those who attended- you were the perfect audience. It was such a wonderful evening with much to be celebrated.

In a mere few days I will be embarking on a great journey, travelling the east coast of Australia and the state of Tasmania for up to 5 or 6 months. With the recent independent launch of my CD, I feel so incredibly ready. I’m ready to learn, ready to breathe, ready to create, ready to experience, and ready to embrace the life of a lone traveler playing music.

Thank you again for the role you play in appreciating original music, from the heart. I cannot wait to share my musical travel stories with you all! Stay tuned for a list of tour dates VERY shortly!
Until then, please enjoy these photographs capturing a magical evening…

xo Candice


Hey strangers!
Oh, it feels like such a lifetime since I last took a moment to write to you all… life has been so craz-azy! But I’d like to think, in a GOOD way. As most of you know, I have spent the last few months chipping away at having something special to show you all. I had a wonderful time recording my debut single at Applewood Lane Studios & man, did I learn a lot! Recording definitely isn’t easy. But it was a road that I am so blessed and glad to have traveled down and cannot wait to re-visit again in the future (when my bank balance rises a little!).
I am super excited to share with you that I just had a listen to the final master of Whispers…eeeeekkk!! It’s all very daunting, sitting in a chair, trying to concentrate, while your own voice is blasting through the speakers- something I’m sure I will never get used to. BUT, maybe you guys will?? My music will be both digitally and physically available for purchase on December 7th, in the spirit of my Whispers Single Launch (click on poster for details). I hope ya’ll can come!
There are a few sneaky gig dates I have booked prior to the launch, along with a few surprise announcements coming your way! Thanks so much for bearing with me. I hope with all my heart that it’s worth it soon enough…

See you soon!
xx C.



I am very super dooper excited to announce… *clears throat*… that I am currently recording my DEBUT SINGLE!!! It’s been a bit of a long time coming, but I can confidently say that this time around, I am ready.
Sometimes, it’s really hard to remember that we are all capable of standing on our own two feet, capable of making our own decisions, falling down and getting back up again. It’s all part of the learning process- this I’ve come to realise. But after what feels like a lifetime of relying on someone else to get me through, or relying on someone else to ‘make things happen’ because I didn’t have faith in myself, I have finally decided that I CAN do this on my own. It’s been damn flipping hard, and I have no doubt that it will continue to be. But it’s totally worth it. MUSIC is totally worth it.

For a while there, I was secretly ready to give it all up and go do a Psych degree at Uni… Oh boy…

In a nutshell, thank you to everyone in my life who has kept their faith in me. I hope to give you something in return VERY SOON! In the meantime, here a few photos of my recent recording time at Applewood Lane Studios in Fernvale. This place is magical.