I am very super dooper excited to announce… *clears throat*… that I am currently recording my DEBUT SINGLE!!! It’s been a bit of a long time coming, but I can confidently say that this time around, I am ready.
Sometimes, it’s really hard to remember that we are all capable of standing on our own two feet, capable of making our own decisions, falling down and getting back up again. It’s all part of the learning process- this I’ve come to realise. But after what feels like a lifetime of relying on someone else to get me through, or relying on someone else to ‘make things happen’ because I didn’t have faith in myself, I have finally decided that I CAN do this on my own. It’s been damn flipping hard, and I have no doubt that it will continue to be. But it’s totally worth it. MUSIC is totally worth it.

For a while there, I was secretly ready to give it all up and go do a Psych degree at Uni… Oh boy…

In a nutshell, thank you to everyone in my life who has kept their faith in me. I hope to give you something in return VERY SOON! In the meantime, here a few photos of my recent recording time at Applewood Lane Studios in Fernvale. This place is magical.