Season to Love.

Hello there.
What better day to update you all on my adventures over this last week, than on the very first minute of Christmas Day?!
I know ‘they’ all call this time of year many things… the silly season, the season to be jolly, the season for depression etc. etc. But I like to call it, The Season to Love. Not The Season OF Love, because for many souls, love is rather hard to come by at this time of year- so I believe it’s up to each and every individual to share a little bit of their own love, even with a stranger.

I better tie this big ramble back to my Single Launch travels!! Well, on Saturday I found myself reluctantly driving back home to the Gold Coast after spending the most magical 5 days in Maleny and its surrounds. For those of you who don’t know, Maleny is located in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, not too far from the Glasshouse Mountains. It is absolutely stunning and would be a place that I could quite easily call home. I played a few shows whilst in Maleny, followed by a gig at Sol Bar in Maroochydore on Friday night (so awesome!!). The music scene is pretty alive in little old Maleny, however, not quite what I expected- but this is a story for another time.

I wanted to share this with you all today, because as a stranger to this place on arrival, after what seemed like mere minutes, this ‘outsider’ feeling quickly disappeared. I think when you are aware of the capacity of love you are able to hold in your heart for people (in general), it makes life a little easier when it comes to ‘settling in’. Whether it be settling in to a new home, a new school, a new neighbourhood. Like-minded people attract, and in this case, mine and these other people’s minds were focused on just embracing the simplicity, yet complete effectiveness, of just ‘sharing the love’. I quickly made dear friends in this small town, who, in an incredibly short space of time, warmed my heart, shared experiences and taught me many new and inspiring things.

This post hasn’t exactly turned out how I expected it to… I thought I’d be going in to massive details about my waterfall jumping, crazy-long hiking, cockroach-infested adventures. BUT, I guess I’ll leave all that up to your wonderful imagination. In a nutshell, my first week of the ‘Whispers’ single launch tour was the best start to a new and exciting chapter in my gypsy life. I’ve spent the last couple of days being a mad woman around my family whilst I get the rest of my little van/home organised and packed. Tomorrow, following a scrumptious Christmas breakfast, I will hit the road again to begin my work at Falls Festival in Lorne, VIC. Oh, I cannot wait!

Merry Christmas, friends. Thank you for all your support and love this year. Watch this space every week for cool updates on my adventures!

xx Candice.

Maleny 18/12/12

Sol Bar 21/12/12