The Moment.

Love. At The Palmy Cafe.

Sometimes, this feeling is the worst. But in this case, it was the BEST.
Last night I played a few tunes to an amazing crowd at The Palmy Cafe and felt completely content. Not just content, but truly happy.

There was a moment between this small cafe space and I, that sent tingles down my spine. A moment that I owe to Jeff Buckley and his amazing version of ‘Hallelujah’.
I don’t know how to explain this feeling of mine, other than to say it felt like the entire world stood still and the only moment that existed was that one.

Thank you to every single person who made this moment amazing for me, and who has shown their support for my original music up until this point. For that moment, I will be forever grateful. Ellie Hopley, and Katia Demeester- you girls were beautiful. Last night was a true confirmation that pursuing my music career and embracing all that comes with it, is my ultimate calling.
I will be sharing some very exciting things with you all super soon!